Paul Tudor Jones Compares Bitcoin Buying To Early Apple or Google Investments


Paul Tudor Jones, billionaire and famous Wall Street player, had seemingly warmed up with Bitcoin, perhaps even more than when he invested in it last May. In a recent interview with CNBC, Jones stated that Bitcoin is a promising and ultra-attractive asset against inflation, evidenced by the surge of new investors willing to commit towards the crypto.

The founder of Tudor Investment Corporation insisted that Bitcoin is still at its early evolution stages but has already shown noteworthy characteristics that suit perfectly well with investors. Jones went as far as stating that buying Bitcoin is like early investing in today’s giant companies, such as Apple and Google.

According to him, the crypto is one – if not, the best “inflation trades” when put side by side to conventional options like copper, gold, inflation-proof securities, and other more intricate frameworks.

Jones admits that he is not a Bitcoin pioneer or flag bearer by any means. He believes that the crypto holds too much potential for investors just to let pass by. However, within his still-early stint in Bitcoin investing, he says that he has already met countless of really sophisticated and smart people within the Bitcoin bubble.

Considering Paul Tudor Jones’ stature within the investing community and business as a whole, his high praises towards Bitcoin has undoubtedly elated its community. While Jones’ investment in the crypto isn’t much yet, many are now predicting that he may soon become the largest holder of Bitcoin.  



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