PayPal Records New Crypto Volume High As Interest in Bitcoin Continues To Rise


Nomic’s latest data report shows that PayPal managed to move about $242 million worth of cryptocurrencies through its newly-established crypto platform – beating out the $129 million it set a week prior to record a new all-time high. A couple of years back, no one would have fathomed to even think about high-profile companies, such as PayPal, to handle cryptos. How things have changed, now they are quickly becoming major players within the industry.

This positive development within PayPal came amidst the ongoing surge of interest in cryptocurrencies, with almost all of the cryptos listed in the top 20 board via market cap making substantial gains. This staggering momentum of digital assets is then reinforced by the recent Bitwise survey wherein shows that US-based financial advisors allocating funds into cryptos have increased by approximately 50% compared to last year.

Bitwise’s survey, which notably includes about 1,000 prominent financial advisors, concludes that the particular industry has now become more interested in cryptocurrencies following its momentous ongoing run in the market. Without going into the specific numbers, the survey states that crypto interest and adoption is currently on an imminent rise. It went as far as suggesting that the number of financial advisors willingly committing assets into cryptos could potentially double within the coming years.

With that being said, it’s only natural for the industry to go about its way and capitalize on this particular momentum. One example of this is MicroStrategy’s recently announced February 3rd and 4th free online course offering regarding Bitcoin (BTC) strategy. Although unsurprising, considering that MicroStrategy was one of the very first’s to commit tons of assets into Bitcoin, it is still commendable for them to decide to become the spark that may convince even more companies to go on the same path.

As per the business analytical firm’s announcement, the free online course’s first day is set to discuss how big or small corporations can adopt Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the second day aims to focus on the strategies that may be integrated by the same corporations regarding the handling of the particular crypto.

Considering all of these, we may soon see other companies hit it big with cryptos in the near future – the same as how PayPal managed to do so in the recent weeks.


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