People Are Google Searching Ethereum More Than Ever As It Inches In On Setting A New All-Time Price High


Ahead of its latest momentous run yet – notably on the verge of setting a new all-time market price high for its ETH token – Ethereum has now been Google searched more than ever, as per Google Trends’ latest data. According to Google Trends, Ethereum managed to eclipse the already-impressive search interest it set upon itself during the peak of the last ETH surge from a while back.

Ethereum’s previous search term popularity peak was set last January 2018, wherein ETH went as high as $1,4500 – its current all-time price high. As of press time, the particular crypto’s price notably sits at $1,150, with many predicting that it is on its way to record a new high as its momentum is still on the way up.

Diving into the specifics, ETH’s current price is just a mere 19% away from the aforementioned standing all-time price high. Now that its market capitalization amounts to more than $140 billion, thanks largely in part to the ongoing crypto bull market driven by the significant influx of large institutions looking into the benefits of cryptocurrencies, many now believe that it is only a matter of time before ETH do actually surpass the $1,500 mark.


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