Polygon Allots $10 Million to Secure DeFi Infrastructure and To Garner More Users towards the Network


Polygon announced today alongside DEX protocol 0x their intention to commit over $10 million in the effort to attract more users towards the Polygon Network. On top of that, the partnering firms also state that the lump sum of cash will make it much easier to secure a DeFi infrastructure on Polygon through Ethereum.

Just this past month, 0x launched an API specifically for Polygon’s decentralized exchange liquidity aggregator, which then exposed the 0x API tool to the ever-expanding market of Polygon. The particular API reportedly allows major Ethereum DEX liquidity players, such as Curve, SushiSwap, and QuickSwap, to integrate with Polygon seamlessly.

On top of all that, several reports point out that the Polygon Network also has the support of some of today’s most prominent investors, such as Mark Cuban, who stated last month that the market price of cryptos should better echo the actual market demand. This could be done through the present network effect and exponential user growth, which Polygon targets explicitly today.

Both parties involved have their native tokens: MATIC for Polygon and ZRX for 0x. Polygon’s MATIC did exceptionally well this first half of 2021, surging more than 6,400% from where it was just last year. As per the latest CoinGecko report, MATIC is currently valued at about $1.40 per token.


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