Pornhub Now Accepts Payments in Tether


Pornhub, one of the leading websites in the adult entertainment industry, announced that its models and subscribers can now send and accept payments using Tether (USDT). The decision follows PayPal’s sudden withdrawal of payment support to the adult network.

As explained in an official blog post, the support for a new crypto payment option would allow users to perform swift and zero-fee payment transactions through their crypto wallets or via Tronlink, a browser extension. 

Initially, the Tron Foundation only supports Tron (TRX), the cryptocurrency that holds the 12th spot in terms of market capitalization. However, in April 2019, the Tron Foundation entered a partnership with Tether, which gave birth to the Tron-based USDT.

Pornhub models can send and accept USDT payments by downloading TronLink, the native wallet application of the Tron Foundation, which is available on Google Play and Apple Store. Aside from Tether, the adult entertainment network also works with Cosmo Payment, a company that provides customized payment solutions for the adult industry. 

As emphasized by the CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, Pornhub’s decision to support a crypto payment option is an excellent way to save the victims of PayPal and other centralized payment platforms.  

Notably, in November 2019, PayPal decided to halt its services to Pornhub because the latter facilitated unauthorized payment transactions. Since then, the crypto community encouraged Pornhub to consider Bitcoin (BTC) as an alternative payment option. However, according to reports, the majority of Pornhub models have no idea about cryptocurrencies.

Before rolling out support for Tether, Pornhub has had its fair share of dealing with crypto-related businesses. In 2018, Pornhub began accepting Verge (XVG) as a form of payment for its premium offer and other purchases. In August 2019, it sealed a partnership with PumaPay, a crypto payment startup that enabled Pornhub subscribers to pay adult entertainment services using cryptocurrencies. 

As noted by analysts, the latest developments in the adult entertainment industry only point to one thing –global crypto adoption


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