Private Messaging Application Signal Is Purportedly Exploring the Concept of Integrating Crypto Payments


As per the recent report of the founder of Platformer, Casey Newton, Privacy-centric messaging application Signal is now seemingly eyeing the prospect of integrating cryptocurrency payments within their services.

Newton’s Platformer report notes that Signal ran several pilot tests recently regarding the prospect on the Stellar-based private crypto platform MobileCoin. Seeing as the CEO of the messaging application, Moxie Marlinspike, also serves as a MobileCoin initiative adviser, it is only safe to assume that the following tests could be Signal’s first steps towards the integration of cryptocurrencies.

Even without Signal’s official confirmation, its employees have already reportedly stated that the firm is indeed actively exploring the utilization of digital currencies. According to the report, if the firm does indeed offer such, it would mirror that of Facebook’s ongoing payment services as well as WeChat’s electronic payments.

Despite the wildfire of rumors, however, Marlinspike remains tight-lipped regarding any such developments for the time being. While he recognizes that the firm did indeed flirted around the concept of integrating MobileCoin into Signal, Marlinspike states that there is currently nothing beyond just that, at least for now. According to him, Signal still needs more time to consider the prospect and think about it very carefully if it does indeed desire to introduce crypto payments into the platform.


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