Programmable Privacy Features for Public Chains Are Becoming More Plausible


Secret Network, an open-source blockchain initiative, has recently announced its plans to incorporate “secret” smart contracts that emphasize privacy protocols to its main framework.

Secret Network clarified that these secret contracts would enable programmable privacy to public blockchains, allowing indiscriminately intricate data security controls to occur within their respective applications. Furthermore, the foundation believes that this project may release the hidden potential of decentralized web through its elastic ciphering capabilities and additional controls provided by the programmable privacy.

As per the official announcement, developers will have the ability to develop and eventually deploy smart contracts that use outputs, inputs, and states. Secret Network dubs this as “secret smart contracts” or simply, “secret contracts.” And as stated briefly above, these secret contracts can allow blockchains to utilize confidential data within dApps without worrying that it may compromise user security.

The foundation expects big things with this latest venture as it has now begun recruiting several secret contract developers, node operators, and project community members to aid and elevate the mass adoption of the proposed secret contracts to public chains.

This upcoming upgrade is scheduled to launch this coming September 15th, immediately following the project’s expected community approval.



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