Retail Giant Carrefour Looks at Blockchain Tracking as their Sales Booster

Carrefour Store

Carrefour is now one of the leading giants of all the retailers not only in France but all around the world. The French retail giant saw a significant boost in their sales since they have started using Blockchain tracking technology.

According to the reports of Reuters, Emmanuel Delerm, Blockchain project manager of the retail giant Carrefour, stated on Monday that using the technology of Blockchain ledger as a tracker of milk, fruit, and meat from farm to market has resulted to an increase in the sales of the said products.

In addition to this, Delerm has also stated that Blockchain tracking technology has been already successful particularly in China, where consumers are well acquainted with scanning QR codes. Likewise, the Blockchain tracking technology has been proved favored in the countries of France and Italy, where shoppers allegedly spend as much a minute and a half in reading the information regarding the merchandise. 

Carrefour’s Blockchain tracking technology is built with the IBM Blockchain. With this, shoppers can obtain information regarding the product such as the farm location and the owner, date harvested, packing date, the duration of transport, and tips for preparation, all this with the simple scan of the product’s QR code by their phone.

Almost all of the products have boosted in terms of sale right after Carrefour started using blockchain tracking. Delerm stated:

 “The pomelo [a variety of citrus fruit] has been sold faster than the previous year due to the blockchain. We had an optimistic effect on the chicken vs the non-blockchain chicken,”

Based on the reports, initially, Carrefour had started blockchain information for only 20 items, such as cheese, pork, chicken, raw milk, eggs, and oranges. Currently, the retail giant plans to include an additional of 100 products. They want to focus on products in which customers want assurance, like organic and baby products.

Delerm has also said the “the blockchain tracking tech produces a halo effect.” This means that if customers can trust one of their product, they will tend to trust other items.

On the other hand, blockchain tracking technology still has some difficulties. One challenge is tracking vegetables and fruits that are sold loose and obtained from various different farms. Moreover, there are also some farmers who refuse to share too much information regarding the products, as said by Delerm.

Presently, the Retail Giant Carrefour is also coordinating with Nestle. Carrefour allows the Swiss drinks and food giant access to their Blockchain data for the product “Mousline Puree”. Therefore consumers would see that the product is obtained from French farms.

In fact, Walmart is also starting to utilize Blockchain tracking technology. Currently, they are working together with IBM on a Blockchain solution for food safety. It was also announced that they are already requiring suppliers of green leafy vegetables to upload their information to the Blockchain by September 2019. In addition to the Blockchain requirement, Walmart also requires suppliers to abide by one of the Global Food Safety Initiative that has been recognized as food safety standards internationally.



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