Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Mexican Billionaire Investor, Recommends Buying BTC in His New Year Message


The third-richest man in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has notably endorsed Bitcoin (BTC) purchasing instead of the traditional fiat money investing in his recently published two-minute-long New Year message.

In the particular video, which has now been viewed over 100k times, the Mexican billionaire investor urged the public to steer away from the conventional fiat money – going as far as stating that it’s fake money made out of paper lies. After saying that, Salinas paused for a bit before boldly stating, “Invest in Bitcoin!”

As pro-BTC as Salinas’ New Year greeting video may be, it did not come as a surprise knowing that he has now been a long-term  Bitcoin investor – he even has the red laser eyes profile picture in his Twitter handle.

As a self-proclaimed BTC evangelist, Salinas has previously announced that he plans to render Banco Azteca the first lender in Mexico to transact using BTC specifically. While this particular effort has been hindered by several opposing views, specifically from the country’s many conventional banks, Salinas seemingly remains undeterred.

This endorsement of Salinas contributed to the rising value of the BTC for the holidays. In the past few weeks, BTC traded globally just above the $50k mark and persisted there up till now.


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