Riot Blockchain Fires up Crypto Operations with 3,000 New Mining Machines


Riot Blockchain Incorporated, a US-based Blockchain strategic company that owns and operates Bitcoin (BTC) mining hubs, is all set to fire up its crypto mining operations in Oklahoma. As per the press release published on January 8, the deployment of new S17 Pro Antminers in the facility has begun. 

Last year, Riot Blockchain announced its plans of upgrading its mining processes and operations. In pursuant to the goal, the company purchased 3,000 S17 Pro Antminers from Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware. Then, in December, while the first batch of the mining equipment is being set up, Riot decided to place an additional order of 1,000 mining machines. Notably, the last shipment of the S17 Pro Antminers is expected to be delivered this month. 

According to the reports, the new mining machines are already in place. Furthermore, they are fast firing up the facility’s mining operations. Notably, the massive addition of mining equipment required the company to employ additional workforce. 

Currently, there are 3,000 new S17 Pro generation operating in the Oklahoma facility. Once the additional 1,000 join the process, Riot believes that the aggregated hash rate would hit 248 peta-hashes per second.

Compared to Riot’s current mining hash-rate, the anticipated figure would account for a 240% increase in the company’s hardware power efficiency. Furthermore, the new machines would make up 90% of the Oklahoma facility’s total mining capacity.  

As displayed on Bitmain’s official online store, a unit of S17 Pro Antminer costs $1,401. However, according to reports, the last batch of the mining machines cost Riot around $1.35 million. Meaning, the company only paid $1,350 per rig. 


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