Ripple Executives Meet up with the President of Brazil’s Central Bank


As per the official agenda posted on the Brazil Central Bank’s website, the heads of Ripple and the bank’s president met and conducted an hour-long video conference meeting this last May 30th to talk about – in their own words – “various institutional concerns.” The persons present within the said high-profile, closed meeting are the following: the Central Bank of Brazil’s president, Roberto Campos Neto, CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse, and other noteworthy representatives from the crypto startup and the bank.

The particulars from the said conference are still unknown to the public. At least for now, the words exchanged between the two parties are exclusively kept for those in attendance. The meeting result is so private that representatives from both Ripple and the bank refused to comment regarding the matter.

That being said, despite not having an idea of what is discussed within the said meeting, it is still noteworthy that the meeting took place itself. These two parties meeting up with each other to review something is notable enough. On top of that, the fact that the bank chief, Neto, is a firm believer of crypto, unlike most of his contemporaries, makes this meeting more interesting.

Ripple opened up an office within Brazil just this last year. And ever since then, they have continually made major moves to establish a foothold in the territory and has managed to raise the idea to push cryptocurrencies to be an essential part of Brazil’s monetary system.

Taking all that into consideration, perhaps this meeting between the two parties carry a whole lot more bearing than what we expect.



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