Robinhood Crypto Would Soon Have More DeFi-Based Features; Says COO


Executives from the trading platform Robinhood’s crypto division, aptly named: Robinhood Crypto, recently announced their intentions to incorporate additional DeFi-based features despite the apparent risks that experts keep pointing out. On top of the previously announced upcoming Robinhood crypto wallet, this move inches them closer towards their ultimate goal of enabling users to do all things available in the crypto space.

According to the platform’s COO, Christine Brown, Robinhood Crypto aims to enable its users to take and store the crypto they own while also allowing them to move it off the trading application whenever they want promptly. Brown then adds that this upcoming set of features allows users who desire to participate in the whole crypto ecosystem on a single, comprehensive platform to look towards Robinhood and its attractive features.

Back in May’s New York Messari Mainnet conference, Brown announced that DeFi tools, including staking and lending, are being seriously considered by Robinhood Crypto as viable features additions – this development is the culmination of just that. As it currently stands, Robinhood Crypto is now considered by some to being on par with today’s most prominent crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

Lastly, the platform’s COO hinted at the possibility of adding in-app non-fungible token (NFT) trading once they feel that consumer demand warrants such a feature.


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