Roger Ver Clears Up the Spreading Fake News That His Is Up For Sale


This Monday, Roger Ver’s crypto news, wallet, and mining resource website,, appeared available for purchase on the GoDaddy platform as a “premium domain” with a minimum price value of $100 million. Immediately after the news hit the internet, Ver demanded GoDaddy to put down the listing as his website is not – in any capacity – for sale.

Ver then went on to Twitter to share his displeasure towards the most prominent domain registrar in the world by stating that the listing is nothing but fake news, and GoDaddy publishing it has damaged his brand.

Ver believes that the spreading fake news that his website is for sale is yet another attack against his brand and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by Bitcoin (BTC)  maximalists. He then supplemented this notion by stating that such have also been flooding’s email address with worthless spams even up to this day.

GoDaddy, to their credit, obliged with Ver’s pleas and took down the posting relatively quickly. With that being said, there is still no concrete evidence or reason to whom or why the listing was there in the first place. As of press time, GoDaddy has yet to release a statement as to what really happened.


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