Satoshi Still Possesses the Largest Amount of Bitcoin, Over 1 Million, According To Whale Alert


The prominent analytics provider for Blockchains, Whale Alert, unveiled on their most recent study that a miner going by the moniker ‘Patoshi’ managed to mine an exact value of  1,125,150 BTC ($10.9 billion) during the early days of the crypto. This massive haul of Bitcoin can be seen as the miner’s precise move to reinforce the network’s defenses against a 51% attack.

This Patoshi has since been confirmed as the still-anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi. It has also been found out that the blocks mined by Patoshi back then can be tracked to belong to the very first BTC transaction made to Hall Finney, another well-known developer and contributor of Bitcoin since its infancy.

Whale Alert revealed that they based these recent findings on the “extra nonce” technique made by Sergio Damian Lerner back in 2013. Lerner is also the one responsible for coining the term ‘Patoshi’ miner. He noticed a cryptographic structure that unveiled that most of the Bitcoin mining back then was made possible by just one individual with exclusive access to specially modified software that he uses for mining.

Researchers have then identified more nonce patterns that closely resemble the Patoshi ones, which reinforce the isolation of the suspected mined blocks of Satoshi himself. As per Whale Alert, a specific number of 22,503 of the total 54,316 blocks back then were extracted by Satoshi by way of the particular method.

Furthermore, the analytical firm suspects that Satoshi kept a steady mining arrangement as the network grows in order to shield it from adverse 51% attacks. Another developer of Bitcoin back then supported this claim by stating that Satoshi was so wary of 51% attack that he even prepared a specific GPU to be used as the network’s protection.

They believe that every move he made and the lack of expenditure on his part back then firmly suggests that he only did all of it to protect and help the then-young Bitcoin network. Finally, researchers believe that Satoshi wouldn’t ever sell his massive stash of Bitcoin.


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