Scammers Responsible For the 2020 Ledger Data Breach Are Now Sending Out Fake Hardware Wallets to Users


And here we thought the adverse effects of the Ledger data breach from last year have already run their course. Reports show that the same players responsible for the major data breach are now sending malicious hardware wallets to the Ledger users whose data was compromised during the aforementioned breach. To those uninformed, these fake Ledger wallets contain integrated hardware specifically to siphon user’s crypto holdings.

While the package box, wrapping, and logo appear authentic, the device itself and the letter that comes with it should already seem incredibly jarring and suspicious right from the very start. The scammy letter, which claims to be signed by Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier, states that Ledger has sent a new device to replace the user’s old one for security purposes.

Upon closer inspection, however, one can see several grammatical errors and inconsistencies. Nonetheless, despite being poorly written and the device itself questionable at best, Ledger still warns its users to always keep an eye out for any suspicious signs before they trust whatever they may be receiving.

According to Ledger, they are aware of such scams, evidenced by their inclusion in the firm’s list of ongoing malicious advances. They then reminded their users to remain vigilant for any free product that comes to them via mail, especially if they don’t have any prior idea of ever ordering one. It is still unclear whether the firm has indeed reached out already to the users who reportedly received fake wallets. As of press time, Ledger is yet to announce their course of action to rectify the situation, or at the very least, mitigate it.


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