Six Blockchain Firms Made It to Forbes’ List of 50 Leading Fintech Companies


Every year, Forbes, a global media company, releases a list that ranks the leading companies and businesses in the financial technology industry based on their market operations and performances. Dubbed Fintech 50 list, this year’s results remarkably include six companies from the Blockchain industry. 

In total, 48 businesses are based in the United States while the remaining two hail from the UK. Notably, the companies that made it to the top 50 list shares similarities in terms of services, location and shareholding. As further explained by the media outlet, they are all private businesses that conduct operations in the United States, and they offer users faster and more efficient access to a variety of financial services. 

Listed alphabetically under Blockchain and Bitcoin category, Axoni, Chainalysis, Coinbase, Everledger, MakerDao and Ripple are the six well-performing companies that made it to the list. Meanwhile, under the insurance category, there was Lemonade. At the same time, Opendoor and Plaid represented the real estate and the payments sector, respectively.  

Among the six chosen companies under the Blockchain and crypto-related tag, Forbes noted that Coinbase, with $525 million, has the highest funding. Ripple with $293 million at the second place. The sixth and last spot goes to Everledger, whose funding base is only $20 million. 

According to a research report published by Accenture, in 2019 alone, investors from different parts of the globe have dedicated a cumulative total of $53 billion on fintech-focused startups. 



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