South Korea to Hold a Film Festival Via a Blockchain-based Platform


In South Korea, Gyeonggi Film School announced that it would host a film festival that will run for ten days. The event, which will take place from the 25th of September to the 4th of October, will be possible with MovieBloc’s Blockchain-enabled distribution platform.

As reported by a South Korean media outlet, Fn News, those who will participate in the film festival can rate different films. The activity can happen in real-time, and the audience will receive various tokens in exchange for their time and given ratings. Furthermore, attendees can earn more rewards by making other significant contributions, such as providing film subtitles in foreign-language.

The upcoming festival, which will fully be conducted online, is a pilot idea that could set a standard for other South Korea festivals. According to Gyeonggi Film School, the project is one of their concrete responses against the global pandemic.

The Chief Executive Officer of MovieBloc, Kang Yeon-Kyung, shares his optimism with the media. Notably, everyone involved in the partnership hopes that this project can establish a precedent not only for domestic film festivals but also for international festivals.


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