South Park Pokes Fun at the Concept of “Bitcoin-Only” Future in Its Latest Episode


South Park’s latest episode, “Post COVID,” depicted a future where Bitcoin (BTC) was the primary means of payment. In fact, establishments in that not-so-distant future only now accept cryptocurrencies. The particular episode was set about forty years into the future, where COVID is practically on its last legs, and people now pay for services and goods with BTC-based cards.

The long-running cult animated TV series showed one of its protagonists, Stan Marsh, looking to stay in a budget motel establishment using nothing but BTC. The motel clerk, whom Marsh was speaking with, uttered that they have all decided that centralized banking is a thing in the past, and they now trust more in fly-by-night Ponzi schemes.

While South Park’s satirical take on everything pop culture and controversial topics isn’t all new – they have practically been doing it for 24 seasons now – it has been observably slow on particular crypto topics. Seeing as how popular crypto is today, it is interesting that South Park hasn’t given it more minutes in its episodes, unlike other topics.

Following the episode’s airing, the crypto community quickly appropriated scenes where it believed that digital assets and their concepts were misrepresented.


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