Sparrow Ensures Simpler, More Secure Trading Options


Sparrow, a Singapore-based trading platform, took on a new journey in the launching of their revolutionary platform. It grants authorization not only to institutions but to individuals as well. This new trade option settles transactions through the means of a smart contract. With this, Sparrow presents traders with a secure and straightforward way in an aim to manage both risks and assets alike. This market of digital asset is precarious, after all.

Equipped with its full-featured trading platform, Sparrow sets sights on catering to everyone’s professional trading tools needs. Such highly liquid alternative allows users to trade customized European preferences without any equivalent risk. Also, it can easily convert abovea 25 trading pairs by zero cost through the ConvertNOW Facility from Sparrow.

“We understand all the hardships all traders face in digital asset trading. Options used to be an only-professional usable instrument. With Sparrow’s launch, everyone will be able to use options. We had built Sparrow for trading options to be accessible, secure and simple,” said Sparrow CEO Kenneth Yeo.

What’s more, is that the trading option only requires three simple steps from users. After that, they can start dealing with TradeBOOST and Trade PROTECT, Sparrow’s option products. Other Sparrow merchandise includes hedging solutions and highly performing trading tools. Institutional and professional traders benefit from these by means of an international liquidity book, full-option order book, and trading APIs.

Furthermore, these Sparrow Options are patched up on Ethereum contracts and then arranged onto Nidus, an authority chain proof. Traders can then delight in an accurate trading experience. All they need to have is a quick to respond and efficient order book pair an automated and transparent settlement of digital asset options.

“Sparrow has been able to transform illiquid trading and a traditionally complex instrument. This brings options trading to the market. Options Sparrow has to offer are more liquid than OTC selections and more customizable than standardized contracts, which enables traders to appreciate the best of the both worlds,” Yeo added.

Sparrow Dollar currency can serve such a diverse ecosystem. Thus, traders could use it for exchange in the Sparrow platform. It can also accumulate demand across numerous tokens and eventually enable greater convertibility for all option pair. Likewise, it grants traders the authority to resolve contracts simpler, thanks to the settlement currency which is commonly denominated. Traders can get Sparrow Dollars from the facility called “ConvertNOW” on the platform.

The charge for every transaction fee is 0.1% notional value of the contract, and Sparrow, Ethereum or Bitcoin are the digital currencies that can be used to pay it. On the other hand, users who paid with Sparrow Tokens take pleasure in a 50% discount for every transaction fees.

 “We deeply care about our users’ securities along with their assets. We have teamed up with BitGo, one of the most trusted and reputable custodians in the crypto industry to assure that our users’ assets are secured. Sparrow would like to give thanks to our valued communities and partners for their solid support. We are hoping to introduce more innovative services and products to the market of digital assets that will enable everyone to trade with assurance.” Sparrow expressed.


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