Splinterlands Becomes the Most Played Blockchain-Based Game after Amassing 260K Daily Active Users


Decentralized applications (DApps) analytics provider DappRadar confirmed today that Splinterlands is now the most played blockchain-based game after recently surpassing 260,000 daily active users. As it currently stands, this player count figure of Splinterlands puts it ahead of Alien Worlds metaverse’s numbers by about 10,000.

Splinterlands, a trading card game (TCG) incorporating non-fungible token (NFT) elements, has been on a massive tear this past two months. It has climbed the ranks faster than most people predicted by a considerable margin to sit upon its current throne.

To put it into perspective, just a month ago, Splinterlands’ daily active user count only stands at about 90,000, and the month before that, a little less than 10,000. While the world is now admittedly experiencing a boom in play-to-earn blockchain-based games, no other of its kind has grown faster than that of Splinterlands.

Experts credit this rapid growth of the NFT-based TCG game to the innate attractiveness of play-to-earn blockchain games to people who are currently looking for other sources of viable income. Unlike traditional games to where most people are accustomed, blockchain games, such as Splinterlands, give players the chance to earn reliable cryptocurrency and NFTs to which they can then trade to dedicated marketplaces for extra income.

At the time of this writing, Splinterlands records more than 6 million daily played games from its users from over 142 countries. While Splinterlands journey to the top is indeed remarkable, even more impressive is the fact that the platform’s trajectory in terms of popularity and market capitalization is still not showing any signs of slowing down.


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