Storj Labs Officially Launches its Enterprise-Dedicated Cloud Storage Service


Storj Labs, a software company known for its cloud storage platforms, announced Tuesday the official launch of its newest offering. Dubbed Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service, this cloud storage based on Blockchain allows companies and individuals to store important files and documents safely.

Storj Labs is confident that the users would be able to enjoy the utmost privacy, security and resiliency. Notably, the company’s latest cloud storage service got its name from microorganisms that are hard to destroy. As per the announcement, this open-source network can store up to 19 petabytes (19 million GB). Storj also explains that it is hosted on thousands of nodes which are being operated by the firm’s partners and individuals scattered worldwide. As of press time, the platform has over 3000 users.

The executive chairman of Storj Labs, Ben Golub, noted that decentralization brings plenty of benefits to the cloud. Aside from enhanced privacy and security, he emphasized that users would greatly benefit from the software’s ability to lower costs.

Golub also provided a brief explanation of how the system works. When someone uploads a file, it would be encrypted before being split into fragments. These fragments would then be distributed across separate nodes. To ensure that there would be no problem in case a node gets compromised, the system only needs 29 pieces to reconstruct the uploaded file completely. Based on the figures, it appears that Storj Labs had made plenty of rooms for the possibility of an outage.

Meanwhile, Shawn Wilkinson, the co-founder of Storj Labs and also the head of the firm’s strategy department, emphasized that their latest offering comes more affordable compared to those centralized cloud storage being offered by leading competitors such as Amazon Web Services. He also touted that users can store important files as much as they want since Tardigrade comes with no bandwidth caps.

Wilkinson also confirmed that those clients, who are already on Tardigrade’s management protocols such as partners Fluree, CNCTED, Kafkaesque, and Verif-y, can quickly access the decentralized cloud storage via a connector that links the platform together. Notably, these companies have participated in the beta testing of Tardigrade.



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