Tezos Has Been Integrated into BSN – More Chains Are Expected to Follow


As part of the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) announcement this last September 24th, Tezos has officially been integrated into its network as part of the first wave of blockchains set to be assimilated within the ambitious global platform. This integration would then enable developers worldwide to access Tezos’ services through the public city portals and nodes associated with the BSN. This allows them to build and eventually deploy permissioned chains more smoothly while also being less costly. Notably, there are currently three worldwide public city nodes integrated alongside Tezos – testnet and mainnet. They are to be found in California, Paris, and Hong Kong.

As briefly mentioned above, BSN has made it long public that it plans to integrate over 40 public chains by next year’s June. Joining Tezos are Nervos, NEO, Ethereum, EOS, and IRISnet, as the first wave of six noteworthy blockchains to be incorporated within the network. BSN notes that it is already in talks with ShareRing, Solana, and Algorand, planning to include them in the next wave seemingly scheduled for this year as well.

China’s unprecedented BSN project, which is fully supported by the Chinese government itself, is professed as the country’s most significant move to help startups create and eventually deploy their respective blockchain apps on registered networks. As previously reported by Coinmod, the network officially went live this last August 10th.


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