Tezos Plans To Incorporate the Privacy of Zcash into Its Own Features


Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Marigold, three developers of Tezos, have reportedly expressed their desires to incorporate some of the privacy features of Zcash – primarily the Sapling – into the blockchain’s impending upgrade, the “Edo.” As per the official press release of Tezos regarding the subject, no smart contract platform to date readily supports Zcash’s Sapling functions. It is only they that could do so due to the blockchain’s very flexible nature.

Once Sapling integrates into Tezos, its developers will now be able to freely utilize the striking privacy feature in the development of its smart contracts. Furthermore, it gives them the ability to formulate blockchain-based dApps that strongly emphasizes user privacy. This is all thanks to the “shielding transactions” feature of Zcash’s Sapling, which blocks everyone except the participants to view a particular transaction’s addresses or amounts.

On top of the Sapling integration, Tezos still has big plans for the upcoming Edo upgrade. The announcement notes that after the Sapling, Edo plans to introduce a comprehensive ticket system that enables smart contracts to issue tokens or hand out portable permissions. Although such functions are already somewhat present on a number of already existing approaches, Edo’s upcoming ticket system promises much easier interoperability with third-party developers.

The Edo upgrade also aims to rectify some of the blockchain’s most glaring issues and bugs while adding several improvements. Notably, the launch date for the Edo upgrade is yet to be officially announced.


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