Tezos Prepaid Cards Are Now Available Over 10,000 Shops All Over France


Digycode, a crypto startup based in France, unveiled that they will be supporting purchase of Tezos (XTZ) by way of its gift cards and prepaid coupons. In other words, French customers will now be able to purchase Tezos all over France – reaching up to 10,000 convenience stores.

 This is all thanks to the startup’s budding relationship/partnership with the research and development group from Nomadic Labs. It is also worth mentioning that they are also the ones responsible for the maintenance of the core code of Tezos.

Christopher Villegas, the co-founder of Digycode, have high praises for the particular crypto. He said that Tezos he considers Tezos as one of the most promising cryptos today. That being said, he also added that they still spent more than a couple of months considering the said proect.

Making crypto assets extra accessible

Digycode announced that starting this week that their French customers may now go to various tobacco shops, mini-markets, and gas stations across the country in order to purchase XTZ in prepaid cards and voucher forms.

Tezos is now the sixth crypto asset that is available for purchase through the network of stores of Digycode. It now joins the ranks of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Dash.

To for customers to purchase their chosen crypto this way, they would first need to register an account via the official website of Digycode and then promptly enter the code they got from the voucher they just purchased. The amount of crypto the customer will receive will then be gauged based on the current rate of exchange and will then be transferred to the chosen digital wallet of the purchaser.

While this process does indeed make buying cryptos a lot easier, Digycode’s customers would still be required to undergo the know-your-customer (KYC) protocol in order to receive their rightful coins. On top of that, there will be hard-limits implemented – a customer may only purchase €1,000 a day and a total of €10,000 per month. Digycode’s website also gives firm warning that any adverse behavior by customers that may indicate any form of illegal activities will result in the closure of said accounts.

Digycode’s target for this particular project is the small investors of France. Customers may now recharge their crypto wallets in installments of €20, €50, or €200.

A French businessman pushes for the tokenization of Mona Lisa

It was on August 2017 wherein Digycode initially launched in an effort to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the French market. The startup firm is a branch of Toulouse Digital Service, which is a group that operates exchange services ZeBitcoin and Zebitex at the same time. By the year 2018, Digycode has already been responsible for over 65,000 crypto recharges all over the country.

The crypto industry appears to be gaining momentum in terms of acceptance within France as of late. This may be attributed to the French court’s dispute presiding between a particular crypto exchange and a specific investment firm that resulted to the recognition of Bitcoin as a valid form of currency last February.

This Tuesday, on the other hand, a French businessman by the name of Stephane Distinguin introduced the idea to the French state the tokenization of the world famous Mona Lisa painting. When did so, its value may equate to €50 billion which could then be used to alleviate the impact in economy of the COVID-19.


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