The Associated Press Partners With Chainlink to Automate News Data Dissemination


175-year old news collective, the Associated Press, announced today its partnership with blockchain analytics firm Chainlink in the effort to move deeper into decentralized publishing and news distribution. As per the announcement, the Associated Press is set to launch its very own Chainlink node that provides substantial data to blockchain services.

The Associated Press states that beginning November 2, it would now be using Chainlink to automate actions that take place inside blockchains. This includes the news data dissemination the Associated Press is currently doing to over 15,000 outlets in its various news platforms, such as sports outcomes, election results, and various firms’ quarterly financial results. All of that will be cryptographically signed so that people may verify easier that the news did come from the Associated Press.

This partnership with Chainlink signifies a swing in how news data sources now see smart contracts as well as a drastic improvement to the things smart contracts may achieve utilizing the Associated Press’ extensive data.

The news agency’s blockchain and data licensing director, Dwayne Desaulniers, stated that the Associated Press views blockchain as an entirely new field of economy and is currently in need of several inputs, collaborative efforts, and a whole lot of trust to prosper further. Now, he hopes this new partnership will bring about just that.


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