The Number of People Searching ‘Ethereum Merge’ On Google Hits an All-Time High


Google Trends’ data showed that the number of people worldwide searching the term ‘Ethereum Merge’ and the concepts revolving around it has peaked in popularity last March 20, hitting all-time high rates virtually in every corner of the world, a testament to the excitement of everyone for the network’s upcoming most-significant upgrade.

Google Trends notes that Canada-based accounts are responsible for the most searches for the particular term over the past year, giving it the highest possible score on its respective marking system of 100. According to the data, the term hit peak popularity in Canada between March 13 and March 19. That being said, the rate of people searching for it suddenly sunk following March 26.

Immediately following Canada is Australia, making 84% of the searches Canadians managed to do over the past 365 days, relative to its population size. Coming in third is Singapore, where 80% were as curious about the term as Canadians were. The fourth-place belongs to the United States. They were about 76% as interested as their neighboring Canadians.

As for other search topics concerning Ethereum Merge, Google Trends shows that terms such as “Proof of Stake,” “Ethereum 2.0 release date,” and “Ethereum Merge date” are also currently being searched at a blistering rate. However, this comes to no one’s surprise as all of the topics mentioned above are deeply connected to the upcoming Ethereum Merge.


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