The South Korean Government Is All Up for Mainstream Blockchain Utilization


South Korea has been head over heels with the blockchain technology as of recently. Furthermore, its national government is all up for it, committing over $1.27 million to bring blockchain-based platforms within the housing sector, explicitly targeting apartment residents all throughout South Korea.

As per ZDNet Korea’s report, the country’s Ministry of Science (ICT) has chosen Ksign, a local company, to establish a platform that will allow South Korean residents to take part on voting processes, parking space regulations, and other housing governance aspects without having to get in contact with one another.

These said platforms will not only bring a more seamless and comfortable experience with the processes mentioned, it will also highly promote social distancing – which the world desperately needs right now amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The executives behind the project state that this new development will bring forth a more robust public health measure within the South Korean housing sectors.

As it currently stands, the entirety of South Korea is all aboard the blockchain hype train. Its government, corporations, and residents all have high hopes with the budding technology moving forward, especially when it comes to their nation’s betterment.



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