Tim Berners-Lee’s Source Code for the WWW Is Set to Be Auctioned as NFT


Tim Berners-Lee, the 65-year old British computer scientist responsible for developing the World Wide Web’s (WWW) original source code, dips his hands fully into the non-fungible token (NFT) craze immortalizing the aforementioned code to then be auctioned off in Sotheby’s. According to the high-profile auction house announcement, Sotheby’s is set to put the WWW NFT for auction this coming June 23 under the name “This Changed Everything” – which indeed it did. Bidding for the monumental NFT starts at $1,000.

The WWW NFT notably includes time-stamped documents with approximately 9,555 lines of the source code for the three essential computer languages and protocols dubbed by Berners-Lee himself: HTTP, HTML, and URIs. In addition to that, the lot also features an animated realization of the very code itself being written as the brilliant computer scientist reflects upon the WWW creation process and a graphic representation of the entire source code.

Despite being the one practically responsible for the genesis of the internet, Berners-Lee never even considered patenting the WWW source code. Speaking volumes to his character, he instead chose to render the root of the internet entirely free for everyone to use – essentially missing out on perhaps trillions of USD. Nonetheless, Sotheby’s announced that all proceeds for the upcoming WWW NFT sale would all directly go to the projects facilitated by Berners-Lee and his family.


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