TIME Magazine Is Now Accepting Cryptos as Digital Subscription Payments


A little over a week after it announced its involvement with cryptos, Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, TIME Magazine now informs its subscribers that they may now pay their digital subscription fees via cryptocurrencies thanks to its partnership with Crypto.com.

As per the announcement, the highly-regarded magazine is now able to accept one-time crypto payments – precisely for its 18-month digital subscription plan. Furthermore, users who elect to pay their subscription fees via CRO, Crypto.com’s native token, would receive up to 10% cashback with their respective purchases. As of press time, TIME’s digital subscription is priced at $49.

Keith Grossman, TIME Magazine’s president, stated on the very same announcement that TIME is actively finding new ways to innovate and build upon its massive community of more than 2.3 million subscribers. He then added that they couldn’t be any more proud with their recent partnership with Crypto.com and their recent dabbling into cryptocurrencies.

Crypto.com CEO Kris Marszalek provided some excellent words regarding the newly found partnership as well. According to Marszalek, Crypto.com feels very fortunate to have the chance to work with TIME as it undoubtedly accelerates its ultimate goal of transitioning the world’s perception regarding cryptocurrencies for the better.

The announcement noted that the new crypto payment option would be exclusive for US and Canada subscribers at launch. That said, TIME has already gone on to say that global access for the particular subscription plan is already in the works and would most likely be available in the following months.


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