Tron Teams Up with the Stellar Foundation in Establishing an Educational Blockchain Alliance


Tron, along with the Stellar Development Foundation and 11 other companies, is reportedly in the process of establishing a Blockchain alliance that would significantly benefit university students. According to the press release, the consortium aims to provide additional knowledge, support, and connection to students who are planning to enter and explore the world of Blockchain. 

Blockchain learning in universities

As reported by Cointelegraph, MouseBelt, a Blockchain accelerator, would lead the new consortium. Ashlie Meredith, the firm’s director, shared that the company’s primary goal is to encourage more and more industry leaders to help in the development and promotion of the Blockchain technology. This objective, as stressed by the director, would be achieved through research and development. 

Meredith also emphasized that most of today’s students are more than willing to be trained and educated by Blockchain and other tech experts. Aside from Tron and Stellar, she also mentioned the other founding members of the new alliance, such as Ontology, ICON, Nervos, Wanchain, Hedera, Emurgo, LTO Network, Harmony One, ETC Labs, Orbs and NEM. According to the director, these firms are all poised to share the much-needed support and knowledge. 

As MouseBelt notes, the establishment of the new educational Blockchain alliance is just the beginning of their long-term dedication to bringing the technology closer to the hearts of the younger generation. Meredith also called out to the industry’s leading players, asking them to take advantage of the opportunity wherein they could take part in honing the next batch of innovators and developers, which could ultimately result in a better world. 

As per the press release, MouseBelt is looking forward to allure founding members that could help increase the funds for students’ activities and create more opportunities in the field of education, entrepreneurship, and research. 

In August, Mousebelt introduced a Blockchain-focused educational initiative at the universities of California in Davis, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. As Meredith claims, they are aiming to lend universities with a helping hand on how to become a driving force so that, more and more innovation will take place in the Blockchain space. 


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