Trump Officially Bans Tiktok, Wechat, and Alipay; Stating That Such Apps Threatens the National Security


Two weeks away before he officially relinquishes his Presidential seat to the new administration, Donald Trump bans several Chinese payment and entertainment applications via a new executive order. Such applications include WeChat, Alipay, and the recently budding entertainment phenomenon, TikTok. As per the current president, the spread within the United States of such Chinese mobile applications threaten the country’s national security, economy, and foreign policy.

The presidential executive order continued on by stating that the persistent activity of both the CCP and PRC to take away US citizens’ personal data makes it abundantly clear that China intends to use such bulk data aggregation to propel their very own economy. While this sudden banning of several Chinese apps may catch some by surprise, Trump’s new executive order is expected to take effect without any complications, evidenced by his prior smooth order stripping of ByteDance away from TikTok.

Notably, the order is set to take effect in 45 days’ time, by which presidential-elect Joe Biden would already be the one in office.

What catches the attention of many, however, is the executive order’s focus on payment applications. This development isn’t really all that surprising considering the US national security’s most-recent moves against several China-made payments systems and applications – particularly the CBDC containing a database readily accessible by the CCP.


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