Trump Pardons 143 Individuals before Officially Stepping Down As US President; Includes Kurson but Excludes Snowden and Ulbricht


Twelve hours before he surrenders the seat of US President to Joe Biden, Donald Trump handed out 143 notable individuals a full pardon. This includes the former board member of Ripple Ken Kurson, but notably excludes controversial personalities such as Edward Snowden and the founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, who was purportedly considered by Trump to include in the pardon list just a month prior.

Kurson belonged to the first 73 individuals granted clemency by Trump this early Wednesday. A bit further after that, he gave another 70 individuals the same. The former Ripple board member was arrested last year’s October on cyberstalking charges on his own ex-wife. New York Times reported at that time that Kurson sent several threatening messages on top of making untruthful accusations and illegally installing monitoring software, all reportedly in the effort to make his ex-wife’s life miserable.

However, Kurson’s ex-wife, herself, denied all of these by stating that she repeatedly asked the FBI to immediately drop the investigations, as she never wanted to arrest Kurson. She adds that she hired a lawyer specifically to stop the officials from further questioning her. All in all, she describes the whole ordeal as disgusting. The pardon certainly believes that Kurson is innocent as well; it notably praised the former Ripple member by calling him a good community leader.

Meanwhile, Ross Ulbricht’s name not included in the list is likely to disappoint several people within the crypto space, who have been pushing for the Silk Road founder to be pardoned for years now. As Coinmod reported last month, Trump was seriously considering giving Ulbricht his longed pardon. Several people claimed that the president felt sympathetic towards him after the White House counsel office reviewed the documents regarding his case. That being said, it did not come to fruition.

Other noteworthy recipients of the full presidential pardon include Steve Bannon, a former campaign analyst who was reportedly working on a crypto project before getting arrested for fraud accusations, and famous rappers – Kodak Black and Lil Wayne – who were both facing jail time for weapons charges before the pardon.



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