Turkish Authorities Jailed 6 Individuals Involved With the Missing CEO of the Thodex Exchange


Following the sudden disappearance of Faruk Fatih Ozer, CEO of Turkey-based crypto exchange Thodex, over rising speculations of performing a multi-billion dollar exit scam, six individuals found involved were jailed by the Turkish authorities and are now awaiting trial. Notably, some of the apprehended individuals are siblings of the missing CEO himself, while the others are company executives.

According to the reports, Interpol issued a red notice for Ozer – who many believe is currently hiding in Albania – as part of the agency’s probe. Suleyman Soylu, the interior minister, says that once Ozer is caught following the red notice, it does not matter where he may be hiding. He will be promptly extradited as per agreements with several countries.

All in all, the Turkish authorities have already detained more than 83 individuals suspected to have played a role in the speculated high-profile scam facilitated by Thodex. And as mentioned briefly above, two of the latest detainees are found to be Ozer’s own kin and blood, namely Guven Ozer and Serap Ozer. Notably, both have reportedly been found out to have significant amounts of crypto holdings, thus, further raising the speculation of their involvement with Thodex.

Although still inconclusive, many factors point out that the exchange did indeed performed a large-scale exit scam, evidenced by its sudden shutting down of user withdrawal and other services partnered with several of its executives going dark, most especially its CEO.

Despite initially promising that the discontinued services are part of its maintenance procedure and would be reinstated in less than a week, many already believed that such statements are but a diversion as the firm’s head now runs with a massive chunk of its users’ hard-earned money. And, sadly, their fears are seemingly now turning into reality. As per initial reports, the Thodex CEO may have run away with as much as over $2 billion worth of digital assets, but Soylu toned that down a bit as he now reports that the company’s portfolio ‘only’ totaled at about $108 million.


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