Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says BTC Is a Crucial Component for the Social Media Platform’s Future


Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, stated on the platform’s recently held second-quarter earnings call that Bitcoin (BTC) is an essential part of the firm’s future alongside decentralization and artificial intelligence.

Dorsey, a long-time proponent of BTC, charted the leading crypto’s immense potential to elevate Twitter’s services and products further. Furthermore, he outlined the many opportunities wherein BTC could be integrated into Twitter’s current benefits, such as subscriptions, commerce, and the newly-launched Super Follows and Tip Jar.

The Twitter CEO believes that the platform and its respective shareholders must continue exploring the avenues presented by the crypto on top of investing aggressively in it. However, Twitter isn’t alone on the particular crusade, as the platform’s seemingly most prominent social media counterpart, Facebook, is also intently looking into BTC, says Dorsey.

Dorsey believes BTC could bring about world peace

Jack Dorsey’s praises and high hopes for BTC do not end just there. He took it on an entirely new level. As per Dorsey on the webinar of his “The B Word” online conference this past Wednesday, he referred to the crypto as a critical component that may bring about world peace or, at the very least, help in doing so.

He adds that the current monetary system has created individual monopolies – creating unnecessary distractions and preventing straightforward transactions. According to Dorsey, BTC, which he firmly believes would eventually be the world’s “only currency,” aims to break such walls, thus bringing about unity and perhaps greater peace.


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