Twitter May Soon Add BTC to Its Balance Sheet As Well, According To Its CFO


Ned Segal, the Chief Financial Officer of Twitter, stated on CNBC’s Squawk Box today that the social media giant is currently eyeing the possibility of adding Bitcoin (BTC) into its balance sheet in the instance that its vendors or present employees prefer to be paid in cryptocurrency. According to Segal, Twitter has been closely considering the prospect for quite some time now and is still amidst intensive crypto studying and observation. He then confirmed that no changes had been made as of yet.

As monumental as it may be for Twitter to get involved with BTC officially, such development felt evident as its CEO, Jack Dorsey, has been a longtime supporter of Bitcoin. In fact, Dorsey is so into the crypto that he, himself, has recently made public that he now runs his very own Bitcoin node.

Segal told CNBC that the signs of fear of missing out, or FOMO, are now glaring within institutions following several high-profile companies now pumping out substantial money to invest in BTC, such as Tesla’s most recent $1.5 billion purchase. The Twitter CFO then adds that he expects another wave of institutions and enterprises to follow suit – perhaps confirming the social media platform’s incoming foray into the crypto space.


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