UBC Opens Blockchain Path for Master’s and Ph.D. Students

iversity of British Columbia (UBC)
University of British Columbia (UBC)

As announced on a press release, University of British Columbia(UBC) would open first-ever distributed ledger and blockchain technology training program in the country. The new course will be accepting Masters and Ph.D. Students.

As one of the leading research universities in Canada, UBC aims to help graduate students learn more about the industry of blockchain, while also broadening their knowledge about some of the most complicated socio-technical problems in the world. To provide the most multidisciplinary path of blockchain training, UBC will invest in next-generation applications and tools for the students. The program with strict disciplinary streams will also tackle issues about financial technology, information governance, and computer science and engineering.

Victoria Lemieux, associate professor of UBC’s iSchool and leader of [email protected], announced that the initiative behind the blockchain program is transformative in Canada and afar. The university will be a place wherein graduate students can learn more about emerging technologies along with the existing ones. With the knowledge that will acquire, UBC is positive that they will soon propel economic growth as the voids of the industry is being filled one by one.

The blockchain training program will focus primarily on four of the country’s primary sectors — regulatory technology health and wellness, clean energy, and also indigenous issues as well. Currently, UBC has 15 industry supporters coming from different areas. They pledged to offer graduate students a high-value internship in cooperation with Mitacs. The lead partner, Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd, would provide the needed funding for researchers who will evaluate the intersection of healthcare and blockchain.

UBC is hopeful that within six years, they can train 139 graduate students, and all of them will leave the research university with extensive skills and knowledge in identifying growth opportunities within the blockchain industry.

According to the Vice President of Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd, Uli Brödl, they are incredibly proud of being involved in a project that pioneers the teachings of the blockchain technology which will ultimately give birth to a new batch of innovators. He also added that the partnership enables them to broaden their knowledge base as well as the scientists’ expertise, which can ultimately help the country in leveraging blockchain technology’s value in healthcare.

The new training program aims to get 18 masters and eight doctorate internships, which, of course, will cover international skill training and new-gen experience. For six years, Mitacs will support the industry funding, stating that it had already pledged a potential contribution amounting to $1.324M. The other partners had also given their support. At the time of the announcement, UBC has a total of CA$2.44 million, which they will use for funding 156 post-doctoral training programs and internships.

Alejandro Adem, the Scientific Director and CEO of Mitacs, shared in an interview that their company feels honored to be part of the effort that will leverage Canada’s leadership in business transformation. He also said that he is looking forward to meeting the highly skilled students that will foster innovation and will bring social, technical and business benefits to the country.

The blockchain training course will officially open its door to students by January 2020.





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