University of Malta Offers Master’s Programs for DLT and Blockchain

University of Malta

Malta, the place that has earned the nickname “Blockchain Island,” has once again demonstrated its friendly attitude towards Blockchain and other emerging technologies. As reported by CrowdFundInsider on October 21, the country’s leading university has opened a master’s program for students who want to learn more about Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain.

According to Chairman Joshua Ellul of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, the newly-launched program has already 35 students. He noted that the initiative behind the master’s program is the discovery of miscommunication that often happens between tech experts, business professionals, and lawyers. 

Ellul, who is also the master’s program director, emphasized that the university, regardless of the specialization, would develop Blockchain and DLT professionals that can serve multidisciplinary purposes. He also revealed during his speech at the DELTA Summit that representatives from big companies across a variety of industries had already reached out to the students. 

The overview of the master’s course, which can be read on the university’s official page for the course, explains that the new program aims to encourage Business, ICT, and Law students who have an undergraduate first degree to continue their studies. The post emphasized that the master’s program would provide students with an interdisciplinary view of DLT and Blockchain, along with specialization with their chosen subject area. 

Notably, the University of Malta had announced a joint initiative with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) back in 2018. The partnership seeks to raise €300,000 ($335,000) that would be used to fund students who want to specialize in distributed ledger technology.


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