US DOJ Recovers $2.3 Million Worth of BTC from the Ransomware Attack Suffered By Colonial Pipeline


The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced earlier today that it had successfully recovered Colonial Pipeline’s $2.3 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) from when it was targeted by a ransomware attack last month.

As per the reports back then, Colonial Pipeline suffered a ransomware attack from the infamous Darkside group. It was forced to pay about $4.4 million after its entire payment system got compromised.  As a result, the firm had no choice but to suspend fuel transportation across the US East Coast, resulting in a gas shortage public panic.

Per the public court documents, a particular FBI agent managed to track the BTC sum Colonial Pipeline submitted to Darkside through several transaction records found on the BTC ledger via a block explorer application.

Lisa Monaco, the Deputy Attorney General, reassured everyone today that they got the upper hand this time on the Darkside group. According to her, through their efforts to halter the ransomware group’s entire ecosystem for extortion attacks, the US DOJ was able to put a significant dent on Darkside’s illicit operations.

Monaco then added that the agency would continue to do its best to upscale the consequences and legal costs attributed to ransomware attacks in an effort to discourage further instances.


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