US Intelligence Agencies to Evaluate the Threats against the US Dollar


A group of government intelligence agencies in the United States has come together as one with the primary goal of protecting the supremacy of the US dollar in the global market. 

On February 14, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) announced that it is looking for an expert who can help the American government determine, evaluate and combat the threats that could possibly dethrone the US dollar from its seat of dominance. In line with this job, the chosen candidate is expected to identify the impact of cryptocurrencies and emerging economies on the world’s number one reserve currency.  

The search is reportedly a part of ODNI’s postdoctoral research fellowship program. Notably, this fellowship focuses on the description that the United States’ global dominance springs out from its financial power. Notably, the country’s influence over global decisions and issues lies heavily on the dollar’s status as the global reserve currency. 

With absolute control over the supply of the US dollar and its distribution in the global market, it is not surprising that other nations depend on the United States’ strategic, economic, and geopolitical interests. However, as the world moves towards innovation, more and more countries such as China are fast catching up in terms of economic growth. As many crypto supporters have voiced out in the past, the progressive developments in the global financial sector pose threats to the current status of the US dollar. 

By looking for a new researcher, the American intelligence community seemed to accept that the threats are real. As explained by ODNI, they are looking for someone who has extensive experience in finance, economics, and other emerging banking mechanisms. Specifically, they want the successful candidate to model historical examples and future scenarios using the modern statistical approach. 

As emphasized by ODNI, if the US dollar would lose its supremacy, the United States would be severely affected, and the country’s economy would be vulnerable. It is the reason why the intelligence community is stepping up –to prevent the downfall of the mighty government. 


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