Venezuela Is Reportedly Offering Axie Infinity Scholarships to Those Who Would Participate In Its Crypto Training Courses


Inspiring Venezuelan governor José Alejandro Terán stated recently that participants in his Technical Training Center for Mining and Administration of Digital Crypto Assets would also enjoy Axie Infinity scholarships as part of the La Guaira Digital initiative. According to the gubernatorial candidate, this development intends to expedite Venezuela’s economic growth while adding more stability.

Terán’s training center will purportedly give participants specialized training in the concepts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, including nonfungible tokens (NFTs), digital asset trading, and crypto mining. And due to the inclusion of Axie Infinity scholarships, those interested in Terán’s crypto training courses could also have the chance to earn reasonable amounts of money through playing the NFT P2E game alone.

The announcement notes that the initiative is backed by four high-profile agencies, including Axie Infinity Academy, the National Superintendence of Cryptoassets (SUNACRIP), the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, and Terán’s independent ruling party.

The inspiring governor has high hopes for this particular crypto educational venture – stating that this could generate thousands of jobs for Venezuelans every year excluding the scholarship programs promised. The country could ensure economic stability and growth by guiding the next generation through the complex yet exciting world of cryptocurrencies, says Terán.

Interestingly, current analytical reports already place Venezuela as the seventh country in the world today in terms of Global Crypto Adoption; Terán’s initiative could potentially elevate it higher in that particular index soon.


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