Vertalo Chooses Tezos as Its Default Blockchain Over Ethereum


Vertalo, a Texas-based transfer agent, announced that its securities would be issued on the Tezos Blockchain. Notably, Ethereum was included in the list of options.

Aside from choosing Tezos as the company’s default Blockchain, Vertalo also encouraged its customers to conduct their dealings with Tezos instead of Ethereum. The CEO of the company, Dave Hendricks, said that he believes Tezos covers 99% of the smart contract and security token landscape in terms of equity and debt.

Furthermore, Hendricks confirmed that they could make ERC-20 tokens usable for Tezos smart contracts. However, despite the ability to convert the tokens, Hendricks clarified that Vertalo would still support the Ethereum Blockchain.

Currently, Vertalo caters services to 18 customers. The firm provides investors, issuers, broker-dealers, custodians, and crypto exchanges with digital asset management solution. Through Vertalo’s REG D V-token, startups can manage their cap tables and even tokenize shares.

It’s worth noting that the Tezos Blockchain uses a proof-of-stake system. According to Hendricks, choosing Tezos was an easy decision. He praised its smart contract abilities, particularly their availability in multiple programming languages. He also mentioned the unwavering network of participants, the rate of transactions that Tezos can facilitate per second, and the collateralization opportunities for users.

Hendricks also cited that Tezos’ capabilities reflect the mission of Vertalo. For instance, a real estate fund that is being managed using Tezos security token could concurrently pay a dividend that is based on staking alongside an asset-secured dividend. Notably, such function is one of the key focus of security token platforms such as Vertalo.


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