Victory Capital Expresses Its Intentions to Enter the Crypto Space alongside Hashdex


NASDAQ-listed firm Victory Capital reportedly plans to penetrate the crypto market via a private fund specifically for accredited investors that also notably track the NASDAQ Crypto Index or NCI. As per the reports, Victory Capital aims to do just that through its partnership with Brazil’s Hashdex, which is actually responsible for the development of the NCI. As a result of its collaboration with Hashdex, Victory Capital becomes the exclusive sponsor of private-based placement funds alongside other US investor means.

According to the president of VictoryShares (ETF provider of Victory Capital), Mannik Dhillon, cryptocurrencies are viable asset classes that can potentially be a crucial part of a comprehensive and diversified investment portfolio. He adds that by investing in a specific portfolio that tracks the NCI, investors can pursue returns that particularly align with the crypto market in a varied manner, thus exposing the investor to multiple digital assets while the market continues to thrive.

As of the end of last month, Victory Capital’s assets under management are a tad above $157 billion. To give a bit of hindsight, Grayscale – one of the most recognized digital asset managers worldwide – reported this Wednesday that its assets under management specifically for crypto investments are just under $30.9 billion.


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