Vitalik Buterin Presents the Supposed Finalized Roadmap for the Upcoming ETH 2.0 Integration


This Monday, Ethereum Network’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, presented the supposed finalized roadmap for the complete implementation of the highly-anticipated ETH 2.0 upgrade. Buterin’s online post, aptly titled “Endgame,” outlined a future where Ethereum can significantly elevate its scalability, all the while attaining high levels of censorship resistance and trustlessness.

While such high standards would surely come with a steep price, particularly the centralization of block production, Buterin feels confident in his presented solutions and thought experiments. Nevertheless, Buterin’s blog post did not address any centralization issues. However, it did provide a comprehensive roadmap for the upgrade’s implementation finale.

To give a bit of hindsight on Buterin’s post, the Ethereum co-founder suggested a tier-2 staking solution with minimal resource requirements to facilitate distributed block validations. This would be achieved by introducing either ZK-SNARKS or fraud-proof to enable users to directly check block validity without much cost and data availability sampling to add secondary transaction channels that prevent censorships.

Although these updates would still render the chain’s block production centralized, its block validation, on the other hand, would be highly decentralized and trustless. Buterin explains that all possible roadmaps the network may take would still end up with the block production centralized – this is what they believe would best benefit all sides.

Notably, the ETH 2.0 launch process started way back in November 2020.


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