Waves Enterprise’ Blockchain-based Corporate Voting Platform Enters Beta Testing Phase


Waves Enterprise, an information technology company based in Russia, announces that its e-voting platform powered by Blockchain had already entered the beta testing phase. 

According to the chief product officer of the company, Artem Kalikhov, the primary goal of the Blockchain-based platform is to enhance the online voting system within corporations. He also noted that following the announcement last May 28, there had been an influx of interest from major firms. 

Furthermore, Kalikhow touted that the platform known as “Voting” could bring all the currently known benefits of Blockchain technology while effectively retaining the traditional voting processes and rules. Notably, the results are impossible to be forged because complex cryptographic algorithms and other protocols protect them. It is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus algorithms and can process and facilitate 1,000 requests per second.

The primary use case of the e-voting platform is to aid companies from varying industries in conducting shareholder voting, especially those who seek confidentiality among employees.

While in beta testing, Kalikhow confirmed that the platform would remain free. The test is expected to run for two months at the most. However, upon launch, users would have to pay, with prices varying depending on the kind of industry. 


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