WeWork Dives into Cryptocurrencies; Now Accepts Crypto as Payments


With the help of BitPay, real estate firm WeWork announces that it will now also be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto alternatives as a viable payment option. As per WeWork’s press release, the real estate company will now be allowing its customers to pay for any fixed offices or co-working space using cryptocurrencies.

WeWork’s announcement further points out that it aims to mirror the successes of Tesla, who recently announced as well that it would accept BTC payments for its products on top of committing truckloads of money towards it. Like Tesla, WeWork elects to hold the cryptos it would receive on its balance sheet rather than convert them to fiat money right then and there.

And as a bonus, WeWork also announced that it would be more than welcome to pay its landlords and respective partners in the crypto form if they do so wish.

Notably, the first client to pay the WeWork membership in crypto is named to be Coinbase itself, the largest crypto exchange in the United States who just last week went officially public via a direct listing.

As per the Chairman of WeWork, Marcelo Claure, cryptocurrency would more than likely be at the very core of every business in the future. Perhaps WeWork believes that it’s better to gamble now rather than to be left out and be stuck in the yesteryears.


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