Wright Breaks Kleiman Settlement Agreement, Court Battle Continues


On November 1, Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, filed a document in court stating that he couldn’t pay the $4.5 billion (500,000 BTC) settlement with the Kleiman estate. 

The settlement agreement had temporarily halted Kleiman’s defense team from pursuing active litigation. In October, Wright had requested a court in the Southern District of Florida to give him an extension to cement the agreement with the Kleimans. Thinking that Wright’s effort would finally put an end to the lengthy court battle, the plaintiffs even supported Wright’s request. Then, as claimed by Kleiman’s lawyers, Wright broke the non-binding settlement agreement without any notice.

As a result, the plaintiffs filed a motion that aims to oust “out of state” witness. The document further emphasized that Wright had reached out to them back in September to discuss a settlement with a strong pretense that he could finance the costs. 

Kleiman’s legal team is getting the trial back on track. One of the first things they did is to contact James Wilson, the chief financial officer of companies that belonged to Wright back in 2012 and 2013. Around these times, Dave Kleiman, Wright’s business partner, was still alive. 

On October 31, Wilson informed the council that he will fly to Washington D.C. and would be available for questioning on November 8. However, the Kleiman party told the court that they would not agree to the deposition at the said date. As emphasized in the document, the Local Rules of the Southern District of Florida states that parties must be given notice seven days before a deposition, and 14 days for an out of state deposition. 

Under this clause, the plaintiffs requested that the meeting must be conducted via video conference and that Wright and Wilson must be permitted to join while waiting for the deposition to be completed as the Local Rules states.  



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